Tips for Facebook marketing

Facebook is one of the most frequented social sites- with over 1.8 billion active users. As such, it is a perfect platform for businesses to meet their potential customers. Whether you run a traditional business like this fixed seating factory or an online enterprise like this assisted living chicago service, Facebook can help your business reach further than you ever thought possible. Right Facebook marketing strategies, therefore, come in handy for helping companies to grow.

The following by UK marketing expert Graeme Winchester and the social media pros at Viral Media Boost are some of the Facebook marketing tips businesses should follow to help grow their customer base.

1.Encourage feedback and be very responsive.

It is good to encourage followers to respond to posts by commenting their views about the business. It could also be about a product they like or changes that they would like to see. Make sure you respond to any comments and messages from your followers in the shortest time possible. Facebook users respond better if you can engage with them.

2.Add a call to action.

Facebook has a call to action functionality added to every page. This is where the Facebook owner puts the contact of their business. Making use of the call to action will make easy for potential customers to get in touch with your company.

Lisa Parker runs the FB marketing for these roll compactor manufacturers and recommends “Having the right call to action is important to your success. You should always be split-testing CTAs to see what is the most effective. Remember our goal is for the user to take action, it is not enough for them to merely see your ad.”

3.Use pictures and videos.

Kiley Bonner sells led tape online and bathroom radiators and notes “Using pictures and videos often keeps followers and friends entertained. You need to do your market research to ensure that the videos and photos also relate to the type of business you are marketing. For example, posting instructional videos of an exercise if you are a trainer or for a clothing retailer posting the latest outfit will work best. Excellent pictures and funny videos will also help in getting more followers and therefore expand your business.”

4.Foster good relationships.

Create enough time to build good relationships with Facebook friends. This can be done by posting informative content and getting interactive through contests and games as well as rewarding loyal customers.

5.Post on a regular basis.

Lindsey Martinez runs the marketing for Evolvmd and Mywish UK notes “One crucial tip of Facebook marketing is to ensure you post regularly. In as much as Facebook users like pages that post regularly, never compromise the quality of content in a bid to post regularly- so make sure you post exciting and informative content. This can be at least once in a day or even once in two days this way your audience will always be updated about your business.”

With the above tips, it will just be a matter of time before you build a good business brand on Facebook. Putting them into work will definitely help in adding more customers to a business.